esys 64 / esys 80

esys is a refreshable Braille display with integrated Braille keyboard and navigation keys. It can be used independently or as part of a PC workstation.

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Connected through Bluetooth or USB, esys assists the blind people to navigate through the different applications in their phone, tablet or computer in order to read or write emails and text messages, manage their contacts or surf on the Internet. It has a professional and discrete design with grey aluminium housing and black plastic details.

Stand alone Braille display with internal functions

esys features a 10 key Braille keyboard, which gives the possibility to reproduce all standard key combinations, both for typing and navigation, enabling the user to easily navigate through the computer, Windows and the applications. The internal applications can be used either independently or the information can be saved on the Micro SD-card (included). Compatible with all screen readers (Jaws, VoiceOver, Talk-Back / Braille-Back, SuperNova, NVDA, etc.), esys can be used with your existing hardware (Windows, Mac, Android, Linux …) esys has two joysticks located on both sides of the Braille line which can be used to quickly control Microsoft Windows or the screen reader menus. The lower front navigation wheels are used to move forward or backward through the information. Thanks to esys efficient battery life and its modern design, it is the perfect partner for your everyday work life !

Choose the right model (number of cells) for your needs

  • 64 cells : ideal for educational and professional use
  • 80 cells : your choice for the work environment
Note that esys is also available as a display with no Perkins keyboard :
  • esys 64 light.
  • esys 80 light.
Please contact us for more information.

The esys + esysuite duo

Especially designed for the visually impaired, the duo esysuite + esys offers all the necessary tools to manage printing in Braille, black ink characters or both (text, mathematics, music, etc…) Install esysuite on your PC (Windows) to take advantage of a unique software suite, designed for people with vision loss :
  • text editing…
  • math editor with Braille translation, formula management…
  • braille translation as well as printing (black ink characters or Braille) of notes taken using esys
  • integrated OCR (text recognition) to convert scanned documents into text…


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