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eurobraille's story

As a leading brand in the braille industry for the last 30 years, eurobraille provides a wide range of assistive technology products and services for blind and visually impaired people, which will facilitate their performances at study, work and daily life!

Founded in 1980 by French multi-patents holder and the inventor Ioan Montane from Politehnica University of Bucharest, the company was first named MIW. The company was dedicated to innovating the electronic systems and components development.

In order to fulfill a special request in adapting their products for a blind association, the company has started investing in the R&D in 1987 and manufacturing products for the blind and visual-impaired people. This fast-moving success of this new business led Ioan Montane to create a new independent company in France for this specific market : eurobraille sa.

In 1988 eurobraille started manufacturing and launched its first product dedicated to the blind population Mistel. This development features a screen reader with speech synthesis and a braille keyboard. Then a 20-cell braille display BrailTel was launched the following year.

In the 90’s, a spectrum of braille products was developed and offered a wide range of portable and workstation devices such as Junio-noteBraille or Clio-pupiBraille.

In 1997, the company has established their brand and credibility in the educational sector.

In fact, more and more blind students managed to pursue their studies in the same class as their other classmates in public schools.

In order to help them, eurobraille developed a range of products which dedicated to the blind population in the Education environment : a software that turns math braille into math formula (readMath) and a braille display that features a word processing program, a spreadsheet and a calculator that can be connected to a laptop (Clio-azerBraille 4).

At the beginning of the millennium, eurobraille continued to develop high-quality and innovative braille displays, note-takers and softwares for blind people such as ScribaIris & esys ranges.

In 2011 and as a world premiere, the company introduced esytime, an integrated braille notetaker and display working with an evolutive Windows 7 platform.

This device is compatible with all screen reader softwares, which allow access to the Internet and comes with a software which is dedicated to Education named esysuite that includes a translation mode for math, music and contracted braille (grade 2).

Located at Maisons-Alfort, at the gateway of Paris, the eurobraille manufacturing workshop is formed by a team of technical experts and developers who design and manufacture braille displays, note-takers and softwares.

The sales team is composed of technical sales reps and trainers who work with the individuals, companies, schools or ministries.

Thanks to its international distribution network, eurobraille now exports their products in more than 30 countries worldwide.

In 2021, and after selling 8 500 braille displays and note-takers worldwide, the French manufacturer is entering a new era with the brand new refreshable braille display b.note.

This new range, available in 20 or 40 cells and in light version, is about to revolutionise the braille display market with its new features : docx, odt and pdf files transfer to Android devices and vice versa, audible speech synthesis with headphones, or routing cursors keys allowing the user to move forward or backward on the display.

Other innovative projects will emerge in 2021, and will strenghten eurobraille’s key role in the visual-impairment assistive products market and especially the refreshable braille displays and note-takers…

To be continued in our news stories!